Trishuwa works with the ceremonial forms of communicating with the invisibles of the world-Sweat Lodge, Sacred Pipe, Vision Quest and the Medicine Wheel.  She is Ceremonial Director of the Church of Gaia and founding member of Foundation for Gaian Studies.  As a young child she lived near San Juan Pueblo in New Mexico, along the Rio Grande.  While living there she had her first visions that have guided her throughout her life and are the foundation of her work.  She is of mixed blood; Irish, Cherokee, African American and English.  Her genetic mixture and spiritual visions influenced her to advocate the inclusion of people of all races in indigenous ceremony.

She has taught Earth-centered ceremony and spiritual practice at such places as the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanic Studies in Boulder, Colorado; Dry Creek Herb Farm in California; Brietenbush Herb Conference in Oregon, the International Herb Symposium outside Boston, MA, Green Nations Gathering and The New England Women’s Herbal Conference.  She continues to travel and teach nationally each year.

Working many of her later years as a psychotherapist with those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or schizophrenia, she utilized Nuero Linguistic Programming, Milton Erickson hypnosis and regressive treatment to help her clients.  Her skills as a psychotherapist create a mature, elegant approach to spiritual mentoring and healing sessions with people throughout North America.

Trishuwa’s apprenticeship with Sun Bear, the Ojibway holy man who founded The Bear Tribe Medicine Society included working with Vision Quest, Sacred Pipe, Sweat Lodge, the Medicine Wheel, and the indigenous heart language for communicating with all species, the elementals, and the invisible world of Spirit.  Her teaching partnership with Stephen Buhner expanded these ceremonies to include inner-council work focusing on individual awareness which is intuitive and feeling based as well as analytical.

The astrological combination of The Medicine Wheel and the Zodiac is unique.  Trishuwa brings the two ancient Wheels together in her Earth Astrology chart readings.  Her studies in western mysticism led to her discovery of Tarot which she includes in her consultations. 

As a political activist she worked as a lobbyist for the Equal Rights Amendment, migrant worker rights and low-income housing.   Her public education papers on the mass transportation and low-income housing influenced popular opinion and new legislation was passed in spite of the Nixon freeze on public spending.

Her work has been profiled in The New York Times, on “Good Morning America,” and on “CNN.”  She now lives in New Mexico with her partners, Julie McIntyre and Stephen Buhner, author of The Fasting Path, Lost Language of Plants., and The Secret Teaching of Plants



What other teachers have to say about Trishuwa:

"Trishuwa is an amazing woman, an Earth wisdom teacher who gives remarkable and heartful service to the world. She has done her homework, and offers from a place of experience, wisdom, and beauty."

-Brooke Medicine Eagle, Native American teacher
and author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing.

"Trishuwa is a deep-rooted, clear-headed, earth-centered, goddess-loving guide. Her commitment to
women empowering themselves spans decades and springs from an overflowing heart and a true
vision. I trust her."

-Susun Weed
Author of Healing Wise.

"Trishuwa is one of the finest ceremonialists I have had the privilege of experiencing. Her work is

-Stephen Harrod Buhner
Author of Secret Teachings of Plants.

"Trishuwa is a special gift to the earth mother for her caring, nurturing and gentle way of guiding people to see their life path in front of them. We feel very blessed to be able to call Trishuwa a friend and to have had her influence in our life's journey."

-Andrea & Matthias Reisen
Healing Spirits Herb Farm & Education Center

"Trishuwa's teachings are grounded in ancient traditions which allow her to teach us time-honored methods toward self-realization. Hers are the way of the heart, honoring spirit and nature, knowing all
life is sacred."

-Shatoiya de La Tour
herbalist, educator and author

"Trishuwa offers us holistic healing at its deepest level — through a melding of Earth and human spirit. She is truly a 'Wise Woman.' She brings to us the most needed gift of all – hope."

-Gregory L. Tilford,
herbalist and author of "From Earth to Herbalist"

"I consider it my holy good fortune to know Trishuwa and am so thankful that she's been willing to offer her teachings in the purification lodges at the New England Women's Herbal Conference for the past several years. These lodges are life changing for the women who attend.  Trishuwa brings so much integrity, wisdom and compassion to her teachings and always  embraces the wisdom of the heart."

-Rosemary Gladstar
The godmother of American Herbalism, founder of the International Herbal Symposium, New England Women’s Herbal Conference and author of Herbal Healing for Women.


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